Our Real Estate Approach

Going far above the standard.

Realtors tend to drink from the same fountain, in real estate that data comes from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). And while this may be the standard and a good starting point, it doesn’t always paint a complete or accurate picture of the home you’re interested in.

You see, the information in MLS listings are added by listing agents, which means there’s always room for human error and/or inaccuracies. At Vila, we take additional steps to verify the accuracy of the data of the properties you are considering. We research public records, tax records and other information to validate and what’s in the MLS listing.

Once we begin a transaction, the title company will do additional research, including a title search and verify that the information submitted to the tax records is correct, as well as any information provided by the Home Owners Association (HOA) disclosures, and finding any pending liens or encroachments. 

In short, our proven approach helps ensure that your ideal home comes free of unwelcome and/or untimely surprises. 

Privacy first. Always.

When done right, buying a home is a beautiful and intimate purchase. A big part of what makes the overall experience enjoyable is privacy. All of the sensitive information required to obtain financing happens between you and your lender. It is kept confidential. 

Furthermore, we don’t ask questions that aren’t necessary. We don’t ask for documentation that exposes your financial status or history. And we don’t share what we discuss with non-essential parties, particularly any party that doesn’t have a legal responsibility to protect your information.