Meet Our Team of Realtors

We are a small and passionate team by design.

We love what we do for a living. We love our community. We love our clients and we want to make sure that no matter where you come from, or who you are, that you will always get the treated with kindness and respect. 

We don’t believe in obligating our clients to work with us, which is why we’ll never make you sing a buyer broker agreement. If for any reason you feel like your home purchase is not going the right way, we are always open to feedback and if you’d prefer to work with someone else, we will respect your decision and do everything that we can to make it a smooth transition.



Caroline is the founder of the Vila Real Estate group. She is a proud mother of three gorgeous children. After being affected severely by the grand recession, and losing her home on account of poor real estate advice, Caroline decided to use her passion for education to learn real estate and assist families in finding a home that can support their dreams. She firmly believes that we all have a responsibility to help each-other find the better way. 

Whether she’s helping her customers with buying or selling a home, Caroline’s personal approach to helping others is fundamental to her company’s culture. With a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design & Marketing, Caroline has a keen eye for aesthetics and beauty that drives her obsession with the small details.

Known for her fervent drive to cultivate a sense of community in Phoenix, Caroline is committed to helping folks from out-of-state relocate and fall in love with Arizona. She loves spending time with her family, and her Hispanic roots make her an amazing dancer who enjoys entertaining friends and family as often as possible. 



Alma began her career in real estate back in 2017 and has been with the Vila Real Estate Group ever since.  She is passionate about helping families in the community find great homes. Alma has been a Sheriff Officer for over 17 years, she is no stranger to helping those in need. She takes pride in listening to her client’s needs and fulfilling those wishes in detail.

Her family comes from very modest origins, which taught Alma the importance of giving, as she was on the receiving end of other peoples’ kindness growing up. She is a devoted volunteer in her community and when she is not helping families with their real estate needs, you can find her feeding the hungry at the André House, or delivering water to the homeless around Phoenix.

Alma loves the city of Phoenix and all the beautiful places the Valley has to offer. She is most proud of successfully rising four wonderful and thriving children.



Jose is uncompromisingly forthright, he is self-described as a “man of his word.” He loves learning about different cultures and befriending new people. 

Jose firmly believes that the stability of a family is strongly tied to proper homeownership, which has a positive impact on the wellbeing of their children. He knows first-hand that having a place to call their own gave his family a sense of security. It also gave them a better chance to succeeded and grow in life. 

It was his passion for helping his community inspired him to pursue a career in real estate.

With a teaching degree in Astro Physics & Mathematics from Arizona State University, Jose worked as a youth counselor in a treatment center for over 15 years. For him, it was a rewarding and meaningful way to enhance the lives of young people in his home state. 

When he’s not working, Jose enjoys Coaching his children, spending time with friends and family, and making all kinds of crazy soup recipes.