This Phoenix suburb is routinely ranked as one of Arizona’s best places to live. The diversity is rich, the crime rates are low, and jobs are everywhere in this sprawling residential community. 

Chandler’s average household income is quite a bit higher than the national average, but the housing options range from practical and modest to luxurious and exclusive. There are 63 well-planned neighborhoods in all so there’s something for nearly everyone.

West Chandler, for example, is perfect for growing families. Here, you’ll find clean, well-maintained, affordable ranch-style homes that are perfect for 1st-time homebuyers who want both quality and value. Circle G at Riggs Homestead Ranch is one of Chandler’s most exclusive neighborhoods and is home to approximately 2,000 of Chandler’s wealthiest residents.

For those looking for luxury and class, right in the heart of a comfortable suburb, Circle C is it. And for outdoor lovers who like a touch of luxury with their outdoor adventures, the popular Fulton Ranch is a gated neighborhood with lots of waterfront properties. Contemporary homes and condos overlook the beautiful lake where swimming and water sports are popular.  

A favorite Chandler feature for families is the fact that it boasts its own highly ranked public school system, which means a good school is always close by. There are also six schools charted by the American Leadership Academy, Inc., which offers leadership training, advanced academics, and excellent extracurricular activities and sports programs.   

Downtown Chandler is a cultural hub, offering art, theater, shopping, and dining for just about any budget and taste. There’s a year-round farmers market hosted every Thursday and the Merchant Square is an antique-collectors dream come true. For a posher setting, the Chandler Fashion Center Mall has over 185 stores, plus an outdoor pavilion area for coffee and lunch with friends. The 20-screen movie theater is state-of-the-art and fine dining options are abundant. 

Other attractive Chandler amenities include the Hamilton Aquatic Center, a wildly popular water park, the Arizona Railroad Museum, Makutu’s Island (a tropical-themed indoor play center), and several community parks, including the Desert Breeze Park where residents and visitors alike enjoy water sports and rides on a vintage train. 

When the fun is over, your basics will be covered too. Your grocer, organic market, doctor, attorney, fitness center, and a chiropractor will likely all be local as many of the residents also work right within Chandler city limits. 

Chandler is truly a suburban oasis! If this sounds like home, give us a call today and we’ll schedule your next showing!