Arcadia is a vision of suburban paradise! This charming community, just Northeast of Downtown Phoenix, offers everything a growing family could possibly want. 

What was once a thriving orange and citrus grove is now home to some of Phoenix’s quaintest suburban streets. Here, you’ll find mostly 1950’s bungalow-style homes with large lush lots and mature orange and citrus trees giving a hint of what was and proving a quintessential Arizona feel. Some of the more prestigious neighborhoods offer even larger lots and newer style homes. The planning was expert, though, and the new and old blend perfectly together to make for a beautiful community all-around. The streets are quiet and the community safe. 

Schools are always an important feature and Arcadia doesn’t disappoint. Here, you’ll find some of the state’s highest-ranking public school systems with rave reviews from the locals. It gives middle-class families the ability to offer safety and opportunity without an exclusive cost. This makes Arcadia one of the most practical and sought-after communities in the region. 

One of the favorite features is the popular cycling corridor. Well-maintained trails weave through the neighborhoods offering spectacular views of nearby Camelback Mountain. They’re well-used, but not overcrowded, and there’s plenty of spots to take a rest in the shade. 

For the outdoor enthusiast or fit families, Arcadia is a winner. The Phoenix Swim Club sits right in the middle of this community, Camelback Mountain in just a short drive away, and Echo Canyon Recreation Center is just around the corner. 

Arcadia is truly one of the most likable suburbs in the state. It offers high-class, comfortable living at a practical price. Call us today to see if it’s right for you!