Named after the historic cattle ranch that occupied this land until the 1950s, DC Ranch is another one of Scottsdale’s master-planned communities, but this one has a distinctive feel to it.

After the cattle ranch closed in the ’50s, the land was wild and unoccupied (save for the wildlife) until 1993. That’s when Frank Lloyd Wright’s youngest student ever, Vernon D. Swaback, envisioned a practical, yet beautiful community true to Wright’s style and form. 

DC Ranch is comprised of four unique ‘villages’; Silverleaf, Desert Camp, Desert Parks, and Country Club. Each has its own style and is made up of several different neighborhoods, all of which are carefully connected by a web of walkways and well-maintained paths. The effect is truly magnificent. Residents feel at home in their cozy, tight-knit neighborhoods, but also have a deep connection to a much broader and well-loved community. 

Adding to the spectacular communal feel are the two modern community centers, both well-cared for and constantly in use by the residents who call this place home. The Homestead Community Center and the Desert Camp together offer basketball courts, swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, tennis courts, and more for active members of the community to stay in shape. There are also BBQ pits, coffee shops, playgrounds, meeting spaces, and even a community theater. 

Pima Road, which runs right through DC Ranch, is home to two of the locals favorites shopping centers. Located at opposite ends of the community, The Market Street at DC Ranch and DC Ranch Crossing have everything you need, including health and wellness centers, grocery stores, casual dining, fine food, local boutiques, coffee shops, department stores, and more. Whether you’re looking to window shop and enjoy the yearly sunshine, or you have a specific item on your list, you’re likely to find it at one of these shopping centers, both of which are just a short drive or walk from practically every home in the community. 

Speaking of homes, the options are plentiful. No matter what type of home you’re looking for, you’re likely to find the perfect fit in one of the four distinct villages. Options range from comfortable condos, townhomes, and row homes, to modern Pueblo bungalows and Spanish-style villas. Farmhouses and ranch homes are not difficult to come by either, but every home here was carefully designed to blend into the surrounding mountains and picturesque landscape. 

Families with kids here love the educational options almost as much as the homes! DC Ranch boasts two highly-rated public schools, as well as a chartered preparatory academy, and the celebrated Notre Dame Preparatory High School. 

Does this practical, perfectly planned, family-oriented community sound like home? Let’s take a gander and find the perfect spot!