If you’re looking for a truly masterfully-planned community, it doesn’t get any better than McCormick Ranch! The architects and designers missed nothing when they developed this utopia right in the heart of Scottsdale. 

The first thing about McCormick Ranch is that there is no shortage of options! There are 67 different subdivisions and over 25,000 residents comfortably stretched out over 5 beautiful miles. Luxury golf courses and crystal-clear lakes separate the sub-divisions, creating a thriving community that feels smaller than it really is. 25-miles of bike paths and walkways wind their way through the neighborhoods, connecting the communities’ residents and giving it a quaint and homey feel. 

Scattered throughout the sub-divisions are ample opportunities to eat, play, and shop. From fiscally conservative, to upscale and posh, the shopping centers offer a wide variety. Restaurants are plentiful and include everything from your favorite national chains to locally owned mom and pop shops. Post offices, churches, movie theaters, coffee shops, and more can all be found here, many within walking distance from the beautiful homes.  

Speaking of homes, most were built between 1979 and 1999 and have been meticulously maintained or lavishly upgraded. They’re well-built, sturdy homes, with modern looks and large, mature yards. Newer row homes and upscale condos have been added throughout the years, but they blend perfectly into the more established neighborhoods. It’s an upper-middle-class community that offers a safe, clean, low-crime lifestyle without an enormous price tag. 

Working in McCormick Ranch is just as easy as the living! The average commute is only 20-minutes and many residents work at one of the various business parks nestled between the subdivisions. A good number of residents even bike or walk to work, taking advantage of the year-round good weather. 

People are drawn to McCormick Ranch for good reason. This suburban oasis epitomizes the term ‘master-planned community’ and literally offers something for everybody! Don’t miss your chance to call this place home. Call today for details!